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Popup Image System

Wednesday 14 April, 2010

Demonstrating the capabilities and flexibility of integrating jQuery plugins with the I-Metrics CMS, the popup image system is basically a PHP wrapper with configuration options around the fancybox.

Using the configuration options the administrator can specify a CSS selector/class where the popup image will be activated. This in turn is processed in the web-front during the html_start call where the popup_image code preloads the necessary jscript files of the fancybox.

The plugin also hooks the html_end call where it emits the javascript initialization routine. The popup image uses a template replacement method after loading the launcher (launcher.tpl) to replace the default configuration options of the fancybox with the ones specified by the administrator.

On the administrator end activation options can be global or on a script basis. So a separate CSS class can be specified when loading an image collection or a text page. Overall the popup image plugin is extremely simple to understand and expand, as there are database queries or use of core tables.

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