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Creating a new Text Group

Thursday 10 December, 2009

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a new group of text pages and how to assign the text pages in the group.

  1. Goto your admin->Site Content->Content Management
  2. On the right side click new
  3. Enter a name for the new content collection.
  4. From the list of content types select the type called text pages collection
  5. Enter a short description for the collection.
  6. Tick the Visible on Front checkbox to make the collection visible on the website.
  7. If you need the collections to display with a specific order, enter a number in the Sort Order edit box.
  8. Click the insert button

So now you have a new collection of text pages. Now you need to assign few text pages inside this collection/group. Here are the steps to do it.

  1. Goto your admin->Site Content -> Content Management
  2. Select on the left, the down-arrow icon of the new collection you just created
  3. You are now in the text-pages list level. The list shows already assigned text pages to this collection. There are none so click the entries button to get to the text pages level to assign some text pages.
  4. Using the checkboxes on the left, tick the text pages you want to bind to the text collection/group.
  5. Click the insert button.

So now we have a new collection of text pages and we will setup an order on how these pages should listed. In other words we will define the order of the pages inside the collection.

  1. Goto your admin->Site Content -> Content Management
  2. Select the red icon on the left of the new collection you created.
  3. Under the sequence column specify the order of pages. Lower order number indicate higher priority for the pages. For each sequence number you change, tick the checkbox on the left. Finally hit update to update the sequence.

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