This is the online demonstration of the I-Metrics CMS v1.11 (Stock Template 2 Columns SEO)


The I-Metrics CMS is an open source complete web  management platform (content management system), used for start-up businesses, blogs, personal sites, can replace desktop programs. to dynamically control and expose website content and simplify trivial tasks. I-Metrics CMS includes advanced features to create, group and associate text pages and image lists, has effective SEO modules, plugin manager, template manager, email helpdesk and various tools to manage a website.

Instead of paying monthly fees for a mediocre CMS, the I-Metrics offers supreme flexibility to site administrators at no cost. All you have to do is learn the application and how to customize it to suit your needs.

The base web engine of the I-Metrics CMS is osCommerce MS2.2 streamlined and striped of e-commerce features fully rectified in terms of security. The package is tiny, extremely light very easy to learn and expand, suitable to both novice and advanced web-developer.

Download the I-Metrics CMS

The current forums of the I-Metrics CMS can be found in under the I-Metrics CMS project.

I-Metrics CMS forums

Our online demonstration contains various design themes that expose the capabilities for quick template deployment of the framework.

 I-Metrics v1.11 Feature Set

Create different types of content Show, Hide, Delete Edit different types of content
Create and Edit Text Pages Send, Receive and Organize emails
Includes Text collections - can group text pages together Includes Images collections - can group images together
Includes Mixed collections - images or text pages can be part of other groups Collections can be displayed anywhere on the webfront or administration end
Administrator can upload Images Administrator can resize and insert images into text pages
Includes advanced automated marketing tools for websites Includes advanced security features to protect your website
Includes Database Backup Tool Includes Monitoring of Visitors Tool
Word-Processor interface editing text pages Administrator can fully control text pages
Includes Database Backup Tool Includes Monitoring of Visitors Tool
Pages can be configured to accept comments Receive emails directly into your website
Collections and Content Types Managers can expand quickly Abstraction of Content Types allows integration of different website content
Quick web-pages placement Multi-Sites Manager, use a central administrator panel
Plugins Manager to assist with website customizations and expansion Multiple Theme support using common content/database
Advanced Cache Manager - reduces page load times Very simple for developers to learn and customize
Your website is fully compatible with old and new browsers I-Metrics CMS is open source, free to download and use

Among the core modules and collection types there are text groups, image groups, text pages, friendly links and search engine assist tools for marketing support, helpdesk for email exchange with visitors via the contact form along with a word processor interface when editing pages.

Text pages can be categorized via a collections system, creating groups that can appear anywhere on the front end. General Text Pages and text entries can also be enabled or disabled. I-Metrics CMS also includes a subscription module for e-mails and a professional email module used to generate email templates. Images can also be grouped in a similar manner having titles, short descriptions as well as ordering resources.

Tuned for SEO, the stock template this content management system comes with, positions the vital text elements to the top of the HTML code enhancing page exposure while maintaining the original page layout. The substitution of most tables with DIV tags reduces the HTML code emitted thus reducing download times viewing the page content.

Compatibility is also one of the prime objectives of this project. I-Metrics CMS can operate in different environments with old and new versions of PHP, and the stock templates are tested with different browsers and browser configurations.

Requirements/Tested Environment:

Server: Apache v1.x, 2.x
Language: PHP v4.x 5.x
Database: MySQL 4.x, 5.x
License: GPL
Browsers: IE6,7,8, FF 2,3 Opera 9.x, Safari 2.x, Chrome
Content Validation: W3C HTML, CSS

The I-Metrics CMS download is available from our releases and downloads page and from

This Image Collection is part of the Content Collections and demonstrates how to create collections of images.
Become familiar using the I-Metrics CMS by following these basic tutorials. Step by step instructions to configure, modify and enhance the I-Metrics CMS
The following articles describe the various sections of the I-Metrics CMS on the front end. Layout elements, navigation controls, positioning the content to the proper area of the page, verifying the functionality of the framework with different browsers and fixing errors following a test procedure.
This topic consists of articles that describe the project development cycle, milestones and future plans for the I-Metrics CMS.
Past releases of the I-Metrics CMS can be found in this section. Usually when major modifications to the framework are implemented, the old releases of the I-Metrics CMS are moved into this section.